About the Project

Main goal of Czech Orienteering Federation Map Archive (hereinafter only Map Archive) web application is allow orienteering runners and public to access wide range of information about history and present of the orienteering sports in Czech Republic. This is sport is highly connected to the nature. Present project is continuing of the previous one (csob.tmapserver.cz), which was made by Lukáš Svoboda as his bachelor thesis.

The cornerstone of this object was an interactive acceess to Map Archive data. The data contains information about all maps for orienteering in area of the Czech Republic. Until now about 7.000 unique maps were published. In the map there is outline of every map from Map Archive. It means that is possible find and identifies maps. There are also connections from map to map register and back. In register there is detailed information about every map. Every map has link to the raster image which show scanned map; therefore is possible gain full conception about fortune cherished in Map Archive.
Main benefit of this project comparing to the old one is modern client with many basemaps, more interactivity, advanced search and better possibilites to work with results of search. All published informations are available in completely revised, modern and also graphically more interactive graphic user interface. The cornerstones of this project include a possibility to insert new records directly from web browser by authorized users. For normal users is big benefit in quicker update of Map Archive data.
Next step will be adding thematic layers about Czech Orienteering Federation events (embargoed areas, event centres, areas of solid control points …).

This web map application is united project of Czech Orienteering Federation Map Council and T-MAPY company (part of T-KARTOR group). T-MAPY provides its technical implementation and operation.
Project was founded as master thesis on Departments of Geoinformations, Faculty of Science, Palacky University, Olomouc, supported by the T-MAPY company.

Map previews

All maps in Map Archive are usually scanned in resolution of 300 dpi and saved as TIFF files. Map previews in resolution of 96dpi with Map Archive watermark are available in this application. Every map is owned by the publisher and that subject also owns copyrith. Using the map without publisher permission for organized events is copyright piracy. Please contact the map administrator listed in the Map Archive database and obtains maps in full quality for printing.

Geographic data

Map outlines vector data were gained from Zdenek Lenhart (Map Archive). Data were stored in OCAD format and were tranformed in native format of Google Fusion Tables, the KML format. This format became native of Map Archive.

Table data

Non-graphic data are stored in Google Fusion Tables database. Source data were obtained from Zdenek Lenhart (Map Archive database). Before transforming this data to Fusion Tables was neccesary to change a database structer and also content to make data fully usable.