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    Map control

    This is standard Google Maps API application with the same controlling as the standard Google Maps. That mean that with holding left mouse button you can pan and with scrolling you can zoom (in/out). For controlling map you can also use control panel on the left for zooming and for panning the circle in upper left corner.

    Clicking on the map

    Left click on the map (colored shape) will open bubble (info window) with additional information about map. Right click wherever in the map will open context menu with few operations.

    Rectangle Zoom

    Hold down the CTRL key while dragging a box for zooming.


    This application is optimized for Personal Computers or Laptops with displays with resolution 1000 × 600 pixels and higher. It is working also on mobile devices with restrictions according the lower resolution.

    Web browsers

    This application is optimized for WebKit web browsers as Google Chrome or Safari. We also support Mozilla Firefox from version 11 and Internet Explorer from version 9.

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