Map Lesopark Letňany

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Scale  1:4000 Equidistance  2.0m Sport  Foot-O/print Type  ISSprOM (sprint foot-O)
Year  2022 Publisher  Sportcentrum Jičín, z.s. Filing number  22A004P
Blocking until  2030 Blocking reason 
Map admin  Jan Mrázek Club  SJC - Sportcentrum Jičín Educational map  no
Locality  Praha - Letňany translation missing: en.mapserver.map_attributes.region  Praha Area size  0.681 km2
Based on  ortofoto, DMR5G translation missing: en.mapserver.map_attributes.mapping_state  2022-02 Drawing technique  OCAD 2018
Printed in  Kartum Print technique  laser
Entry created by  Jan Mrázek   ID/status  11910 / approved and closed


Name  Role 
Mrázek Jan mapped, drew

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